Eric Collier – Richmond Heights

Eric Collier – Executive Coach

This is my childhood home. We moved there when I was 3 years old in 1950. Daddy was the ultimate provider and when he saw the opportunity to purchase a home for his family–at that time a family of 4 that included Mama, my older sister Gloria and me–he took full advantage. Eventually 2 more boys, Michael and Joseph; and 2 more girls, Retha and Theresa grew up in that house. Today, my surviving siblings (Michael, Joseph and Theresa) and I, think of ourselves as privileged. Not the kind of privilege that is attributed to white people in this country; the of growing up in a strong family with strong role models that included grandparents and my Aunt as well our mother and father. We are all well-educated, have strong values and life successes. This all started when my grandmother, my father’s mother, decided that her 2 children would be educated and took the steps that made sure that happened in spite of being on a sharecropper farm (or maybe because of it). Her values, strength and resilience are in our DNA and drive us today!


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