Members of Club Latinitas share the history of Fiesta Gardens in East Austin. ⁠

Members of Club Latinitas share the history of Zavala Elementary, a historic school in East Austin. ⁠

We are happy to collaborate with our sister nonprofit Latinitas. Latinitas was awarded its first federal grant in April 2022, thanks to the National Endowment of the Humanities Telling The Full History Preservation Fund as part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Together, E4 Youth and Latinitas will use 360 storytelling and VR mapping to document and revitalize Austin’s East Side histories, narratives and collective contributions in making Austin such a popular and beloved city.

Members of Chroma Collective designed and painted an art box dedicated to Friendly Rice, principal of historic Blackshear Elementary.⁠

In the Fall of 2022, E4 Youth worked with sister nonprofit Creative Action to research and collect oral histories about legendary Principal Friendly Rice and Blackshear Elementary, which is located in East Austin. Learn more about this collaboration here.