Blaigne Ayuma – Kenny Dorham’s Backyard

Sound Designer and Composer – Roblox

Blaigne Ayuma deeply connected with Kenny Dorham’s Backyard in East Austin, recalls their formative experiences at this iconic venue, which is their chosen place of significance. Initially a site for jazz shows, it evolved into a community hub where they performed, encountered inspiring individuals, and forged meaningful connections, including a musical collaboration born from a Filipino potluck event. To them, Kenny Dorham’s Backyard is more than a venue; it’s a testament to Austin’s genuine spirit, a place of communal importance, and an emblem of the city’s cultural and musical heritage.

Blaigne recently addressed the audience at the Creative Leadership Academy as part of our Creative Pathways Program. This event featured speakers from STEAM fields who discussed their distinct paths, intertwining elements of science and art, aiming to motivate and spark creativity among the upcoming generation of innovators. Click here to view the presentation.


1106 E 11th St




Central East Austin